What are the Five Synergies?

Five Synergies is a journaling and custom deck building system with the goal of transforming how we respond to emotional suffering.

At the heart of Five Synergies is a shift in worldview.

Like most people in the West, I grew up looking at happiness as a personal goal. For most of the 20th century, emotional suffering has been framed as a medical problem, and happiness has been framed as a personal accomplishment. This combination of a medical model for suffering and a rugged individualist approach to happiness has been woven into a worldview that many people take for granted, as though it were the necessary backdrop for any healing journey.

As a result, when we suffer, we tend to ask: How can I find unconditional happiness? How can I be happy no matter what?

The objective seems to be to gain the personal ability to be happy and, in any life circumstance, avoid emotional pain beyond the transient discomfort deemed “normal” by the fields of psychology and psychiatry.

How do I find unconditional happiness? Have you struggled your entire life to find answers to this question?

Sometimes answers are everywhere… and its the questions that need finding.